Matthew Russo

Systems & Software Development

About Me

Howdy! Thanks for checking out my work!

I'm a software engineer and creative problem solver with an insatiable desire to learn new things -- from programming to philosophy and everything in between. While at school I curated my major, allowing me to constantly push my academic boundaries and think about each of the areas I've focused on in an interdisciplinary method. In my free time I love biking through the labyrinth of New York's streets, exploring new creative applications of technology, and reading.

Most recently I have been helping with the Rust compiler, learning more about compiler and parsing theory, writing a SNES emulator, and organizing a meetup in NYC focused on low level and systems engineering.

Professional Experience

Software Engineer

Ed Microlearning // New York, New York (August 2018 - present)

Ed is a mobile learning management system, with all-in-one authoring, delivery, rewards & analytics.

Software Engineer

NewtonX // New York, New York (September 2017 - August 2018)

NewtonX is an advanced network providing access to specialized experts across all industries and geographies

While at NewtonX, I transitioned local, onsite systems to a cloud-based architecture, developed REST APIs to serve our client site, and built a distributed job queue to help automate our operations team’s workflow.

Software Engineer

heat.wav // New York, New York (May 2017 - September 2017)

heat.wav takes a locational and spatial approach to helping early-to-mid stage artists discover new opportunities

I worked with the founder and UI/UX designer to prototype and actualize design concepts. I was responsible for the whole stack ranging from database design and implementation to the public facing interface.

Full Stack Developer

Endorsify // New York, New York (May 2017 - July 2017)

Endorsify is applying image recognition and machine learning models to the influencer marketing industry

I integrated Stripe’s servies, allowing users to subscribe to Endorsify and hire other users directly and developed a real-time chat interface using Pusher, giving users the ability to manage their interactions with influencers directly.


Bachelor of Arts // Design & Entrepreneurship // May, 2017

New York University, New York, New York

Minor: Game Design

Magna Cum Laude, Cumulative GPA: 3.854